Welcome. Grid5 Ltd is the company run by David Burton, offering development consultancy and technical advice. We can offer a team of 1 or 2 developers, each with 15 years+ of experience. Our primary stack is a ‘grid’ of 5 key technologies – ASP.NET, SQL Server, HTML, JavaScript, CSS. These form the core technologies we work with. As a technology company, we feel it is important that all involved are 24/7 technologies, with a keen interest in technology outside of office hours, and as such will only supply or recommend developers whose interest in technology knows few boundaries.

This is as much a personal site as a business one, and as such is primarily a point for me to express my thoughts about development, side projects I’m working on, interesting recipes I want to share, or anything else. If you want to see what I (or the other developers I can form a team with) can do, then please get in touch with me on contact@grid5.co.uk to ask for reference sites. Past clients have included Barclays, Thomson Reuters, Tesco and PWC. I try not to spend too much time working on stock CMSs system (hence the simplicity of this one) – in the past I have implemented my own WYSIWYG content management system with full versioning and history, and my recent focus has been more on systems that help aggregate, analyse and visualise data – whether it’s customer receipt data (Tesco), ticket sales (Ticketer), Foreign Exchange regulatory reporting data (Thomson Reuters) or even in-house style checking (PWC).¬†Whether it’s integrating systems into complex legacy enterprise systems, or scaling to Terabytes of data and beyond, or integrating between various different databases, or providing real-time communication between systems, it’s the more complex requirements that Grid5 Ltd wants to help with, although we’re happy to help with simpler requirements as well.

As a partly personal site, my aim here is not to show what I can do – let me know your requirements and I can identify relevant work we’ve done, or have a look at my LinkedIn profile to see my personal experience, education and professional recommendations – https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-burton-aa07ab. I can work individually on a project, or assemble a small team of similarly-experienced consultants that I’ve previously worked with who are all comfortable working with complex enterprise systems while promoting an Agile development approach that emphasises communication and working software, with continuous integration and maximum visibility on the progress. Work can be agreed either on a daily rate with continuous delivery or a fixed project quote.